This is all about the Algerian goldfinch_ El Makneen, a Mediterranean bird: the chardoneret, not the wine Chardonnay, of the same family, the Merlot_ among other things, like the Mondol; a music instrument greater than a mandolin, Ma’zhar, orange blossom water, and jasmine…all Small things, that had made the charm of Old Algiers life style, as in  all the medina, and Casbah in Algeria as well; that is, they  are all endangered, are at risk of extinction, and of becoming ruins or  heaps of rubbish demolition:  Millenary of Crafts and Arts, artisanal skills, musics of all genres and schools, culinary arts and savoir-faire…are in the point of total disappearance. Without warning, not a big deal in  exaggerating things.

Nostalgia? You may say, not necessarily that, but more to be considered is, recklessness, with big R,  la bêtise humaine_idiocy  of humans, which is  in  concern; is nobody’s fault.

Modestly speaking, I strive by blogging, in a way I wish I could contribute to keep it alive in minds of people,  from disappearing memories, or at least to save the smallest part, be it what the patina of Time left from erosion, from the neglect and from people of being indifferent.  That is,  without being a director of conscience.


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