Mackneen, The Unknown Bird

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The Mulet, The Unknown Bird.

 We all know the saying; “ It Depends on the mules”_Seen or heard on TV, with a big laughing talk show.
That is, the Mulet, is a hybrid of a breeding an ass with a mare. But it exists also in breeding birds and dogs of different kinds together.

 In Algiers, Algeria, people, and more particularly the people, aficionados of birds breeding, they call it a Mulet; it’s  a hybrid bird resulting from breeding  a Canary Female bird and a male goldfinch, the chardonneret élégant, a Mediterranean passerine of the Carduelis family.  

Contemplating Extinction

Due to a savage poaching and chasing specimens, especially the goldfinch and tracking it into to its ultimate refuge by the poachers in that purpose, in addition to the disastrous effects of urbanization; the unlimited need of lots of land  for construction had forced the City admins to declassify the agricultural terrain into urban design purpose, which change the configuration of the rural countryside into cities and housing projects, hence it had gradually led to an environmental disaster, in which The goldfinch disappeared completely for the back country and even from the  landscapes, of orchards and vineyards, in to even from the backyard of your house. You can only find it nowadays as a caged bird in a zoo. or the botanical gardens. Both the canary and the the goldfinch are either imported within pet trade or brought from abroad by smugglers, since it’s banned from exotic species export admins 

 In the purpose to bring to the attention to people and especially the youth, I want to say here, that is,  even though you keep your bird in a cage as a pet, you are contributing  to the disrupt of the natural population, the flora and fauna, the precarious habitats of all the systems, either by isolating one of the elementals species as pollinators.
So, I borrowed a poem from below. As the climate change slogans and disappearing species become a an urgent matter for discussion about the protection of the environment, and  in order to contribute somehow, a little bit to the solutions to problems, on my own way by blogging about the Algerian Goldfinch 

Here’s the link to the poem

The Unknown Bird

Three lovely notes he whistled, too soft to be heard
If others sang; but others never sang
In the great beech-wood all that May and June.
No one saw him: I alone could hear him
Though many listened. Was it but four years
Ago? or five? He never came again.
Oftenest when I heard him I was alone,
Nor could I ever make another hear.
La-la-la! he called, seeming far-off—
As if a cock crowed past the edge of the world,
As if the bird or I were in a dream.
Yet that he travelled through the trees and sometimes
Neared me, was plain, though somehow distant still
He sounded. All the proof is—I told men
What I had heard.
                                   I never knew a voice,
Man, beast, or bird, better than this. I told
The naturalists; but neither had they heard
Anything like the notes that did so haunt me,
I had them clear by heart and have them still.
Four years, or five, have made no difference. Then
As now that La-la-la! was bodiless sweet:
Sad more than joyful it was, if I must say
That it was one or other, but if sad
‘Twas sad only with joy too, too far off
For me to taste it. But I cannot tell



About Kalimelo

I am an autodidact writer, and enough of an artist to follow upon my imagination when it strikes, so pardon for some debris left here and there, when putting pen to paper. __ I write about small things of life, like about disappearing species, like the goldfinch, and reading rares books, and yes, I consider rare books as endangered species like rare birds , you only could find them in the zoo, a museum, or at the central library. __ “Yes, I read. I have that absurd habit. I like beautiful poems, moving poetry, and all the beyond of that poetry. I am extraordinarily sensitive to those poor, marvelous words left in our dark night by a few men I never knew.” ― Louis Aragon, Treatise on Style __ Writing about me is of no importance, as long as you like, so please give it a👍 and if you disliked It, please leave a comment anyway Thanks for swinging by _Kalimelo
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